How To Clean Your Bed Mattress

Here are a few tips for cleaning your mattress.

How to clean your mattress

It’s very important to have a nice, clean bed. Changing sheets regularly is a good start but don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning the mattress too. Here are some tips all cleaners who have signed up for the Helpling app use.

Did you know that people, on average, use a mattress for 10 to 15 years?

By the time people stop growing at the age of 18, they will often settle on a mattress that they can sleep on for many years.

It is only when they move homes, enter into relationships or are being advised by a doctor, that they will change the mattress. They usually seek advice from a doctor once they experience neck or back problems. Hardly anybody would link a mattress to a cough or respiratory disease, but if you knew how many bugs had found a home in your mattress, you would replace it immediately.

Most likely, you would also burn the old mattress on the spot!


Mattress cleaning tips

It is important to regularly clean your mattress.

There many ways to clean a mattress but in this article we’ll discuss a few.

  1. Flip your mattress regularly. As simple as it may sound, you’ll be surprised how few people do this regularly.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner. Unless you are a really dirty person in bed (meaning: you don’t eat or drink in bed or wet yourself while sleeping!), mattresses often only get dirty from hairs and skin particles. A vacuum cleaner will easily remove those.
  3. If blood has soaked into the mattress, for whatever reason, you can best remove it by using hydrogen peroxide. Use a cloth to put it on the stain. Dry blood is always very difficult to remove. If you don’t succeed completely, try to get as close as possible of removing it.
  4. If you have wet your bed for whatever reason, use an enzyme based cleaner while blotting it up. As soon as you are finished, put some baking soda on it and leave it overnight. All you have to do the next morning is vacuum it.
  5. Baking soda is also a perfect solution to deodorize the mattress. This tip comes in handy when you sweat a lot while you sleep.


These are some basic suggestions for the most common problems that one can experience and that result in a dirty and stained mattress – hopefully they help!

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