My Month In Pictures – June 2017

My Month In Pictures – June 2017

You know, I really do enjoy writing a few posts that have nothing to do with personal finance and all about life.

These help me to get the point across that saving money is all for the sake of providing for what’s most important: your family and friends. Apart from that, they let me sit and reflect on what we’ve been doing with our time, and it’s great to see what a difference a few weeks or a month can make!

Someone else’s peony

We spent a lovely, drizzly afternoon at some friends’ house, enjoying a going-away celebration for another set of friends. Not too far away, thankfully! I did get to steal some pics of the fantastic blooms in the garden, which was worth risking the rain.


When you can’t find the right words…

The last few months have been full of dreadful news, with the terrorist attacks on Manchester and London and the Grenfell Tower tragedy. It can be difficult to articulate how you feel, but we all take comfort in the quiet, simple things the world provides us.


Orchid triffid from space


Ah, my orchids have gone into hiding, it seems, but at least one wants to bloom again. Funny how it looks like it wants to burst into song!


Our uninvited houseguest has brought some company…
Only last month, this little beauty turned up at our door and refused to go away. She came and went for a bit but eventually, we took her in for good.

Now it turns out she’s pregnant! Aaaargh!


What’s coming up?

I’ve not been as strict with myself as I was before about posting once a day. I guess we all need a break, but I’m mostly sticking to my schedule. I can promise you that the next month will include camping and lots of DIY!


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