My Month In Pictures – April 2017

My month in pictures.

I’ve been taking a photograph for Instagram every day for an entire year! I thought it would help me to focus on creating something every day, even when things start to get away from me, which is often. These are my favourite Instagram photos of the month – photos that meant something to me, illustrated our month, or made me happy in some way.

Here are my favourite pictures from April!


Unglamorous DIY reality

We finally turned our attention back to cracking on with the diy in order to finish the house as soon as possible. It’s been so hard to find the motivation, and to be honest, I don’t have it in great quantities, but we’re pushing on nonetheless.


Inventive gift packaging

I had another turnabout – this time I got back into making my homemade toiletries. I made some fantastic afro hair cream from a friend’s recipe and decided to buy these little glass jars from Poundworld to give some as a present to another friend. It’s the best version I’ve ever made and I love it, but I need to make much more for my thirsty hair!
Look out for the recipe on the blog soon.

Glorious sunshine in Lancashire

I know it’s easy to say that the best things in life are free – but sometimes the best times ever come from the things that are impossible to buy. Brilliant sunshine on a crisp spring day in a beautiful park with my family – I took so many pictures on the Sunday that we spent at Towneley Park that you might have thought I’d never been there before or might not go again. In fact, we go there all the time! But I still adore it.

Apple blossoms

Sometimes I share a graphic from my blog as my picture for the day, but sometimes that can get a bit repetitive. I picked this picture of my baby apple tree blossoming because, well, I wanted to yammer away about my new printable freebie but I was afraid of boring the pants off everyone on Instagram by going on about it again.

My garden is waking up (and racing ahead of me) and I feel so pleased that some of last year’s bargain plants are growing and thriving. Will we stay in this house long enough to see real results from all my hard work? I don’t know… but at least there are small things to appreciate from it now.


How’s your month been?


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