My Cashback Apps – April 2016

A screenshot of my phone’s cashback folder. Aren’t I organised, I hear you say!

I’ve been using cashback apps on my phone for a few years now (I think!) and I’ve figured out which ones I love enough to use every week, and which ones I come back to after a bit. I’ve been recommending them to friends since I started, but I’ve found that few people have actually taken up my advice. I understand that taking in a totally new concept can appear to be more trouble than it’s worth. But trust me on this one – these apps are simple to use, and they can be well worth it. At least, they are for us.

I give them an overall score of 3/5 on the faff scale, because you have to go a tiny bit out of your way to keep and scan receipts, but come on – it’s free food!

The process is simple – buy an item on offer (having made sure it’s the right one!), upload a picture of your receipt within the specified time period and receive your refund via paypal or bank transfer. Some of these apps require the item’s barcode to be scanned first, some don’t.

Here are the apps I’m currently using!

A CheckoutSmart offers screenshot.
My current CheckoutSmart balance,
and how much I’ve ‘made’ since starting.
First – CheckoutSmart. I’ve been using this the longest, along with Quidco’s ClickSnap app. However, CheckoutSmart is my favourite. Here’s why:

The interface is smooth, and it’s been upgraded and improved since I first downloaded the app. The participating stores have increased, and you can now upload receipts from a very wide range of shops.

The customer service is great! Sometimes, things can go a bit awry with uploading a receipt or not being credited with the right amount. It’s real life; things happen. I’ve found that my emails are always answered quickly and when one purchase wasn’t immediately credited with the right amount, the difference was soon added to my account.

When an offer has been redeemed, it disappears from the app. This is one of the areas in which it’s gained the edge over ClickSnap, which comes a close second.

What’s not to like? You have to wait until you’ve reached £5 to be paid (£1 for new customers) and then, there’s a 5% fee. If you want to make sure your ‘free’ purchases are absolutely free, then you’ve got to build up to a £20 payout. This put me off at first, but I’m comfortable with building up my earnings. It can take a couple of months for me to get there, depending on how diligent I am with chasing offers.

A ClickSnap offers page screenshot.
ClickSnap features many of the same offers as CheckoutSmart (hint: you can’t get cashback for the same item using the same receipt because of their partnership – if you want to take advantage of the same offer, buy your items separately and upload the receipts separately). However, their offers are for fewer shops, although these are most of the UK’s major supermarkets. My major criticism is that it can be confusing when an offer that has already been redeemed doesn’t disappear from the list –  you can get around this by logging into Quidco on a desktop and checking available offers, but that’s a bit of a pain. ClickSnap’s major advantage over CheckoutSmart for me is that you don’t need to wait for a £5 minimum to receive your payment. Quidco sends payments over £1, so your refund is much, much quicker.


A Shopitize offer page screenshot.

Shopitize is my 3rd runner up. I used this a lot more last year, but when they introduced ‘capped’ offers, my faith waned somewhat. I didn’t like the idea that I might purchase something and then find that by the time I could upload the receipt image, the offer’s quota might have been met by other, quicker users. That’s never actually happened to me, but that’s what put me off a bit. I still do use this app, though, and I’m glad to see discounts on supermarkets’ own-brand vegetables reappearing.

They’ve lowered their payout threshold from £5 to £4. I’m currently sitting at 25p, but I’ll get back up there soon!

I do struggle with the app’s camera sometimes – taking good pictures in low light using the flash has tested my patience beyond what it could bear on too many occasions. I’d probably have a lot more confidence with this app if that one thing were to improve.

Click here for my Shopitize referral link.

A Receipt Hog screenshot.

I’m always on the lookout for new cashback apps, and I started using Receipt Hog a few weeks ago. This app accepts receipts from any store, not just supermarkets. Well, we won’t be getting rich (or fat) from this one, but I’m having a bash at it. I can’t say much more than that right now. I’ll review it in depth once I know more.

Uploading receipts is very easy thanks to the camera, and they’ve ‘gamified’ the experience with levels and a slots game, which, I’ll confess, I don’t like.

The good thing is, I’m finding a use for all those receipts that I’d just have chucked away – the bad thing is, I’m drowning in receipts now and Lord Balders is losing patience!

I had a pretty good system before but you know, things get in the way and all that. I’ll start filing them properly from now on, now that I’ve been told off.

Here’s my Receipt Hog referral code: swol9401

A Shopmium offers page screenshot.

I’ve only downloaded Shopmium today, but I’ve got high hopes. There aren’t as many offers as the others, and a new interface means something else to get used to, but I’ll give it a try later when we go to the supermarket. This app requires a barcode scan as well, which is another layer of faff but sure helps to remove the possibility of buying the wrong thing!They’re currently pushing their referrals program with a free bar of Green & Black’s chocolate (they know me so well) so I used a code to get that offer. Hopefully I’ll get both the chocolate and my refund today! My own referral code is: KHKCCFEQ

I’ve also used MySupermarket and Top Cashback’s Snap and Save, but I used them so infrequently now that they wouldn’t be relevant for this month’s list. If I do start to use them for cashback on groceries, I’ll include them in a new post.
I’d love to hear from anyone with more suggestions, and if you have any feedback about these apps, let me know!


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  1. I use shop prize you upload food receipts I've had the app for a couple of months and have already had a £5amazon voucher and am half way to my next one. You get 125 coins each day, just for opening your app, and you need 7500 for an Amazon voucher. You can also enter their prize draws with your earned coins.

    My referral number is: q694i

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