Our Grocery Spending – June 2019

Our grocery spending june 2019

June’s spending total was a surprising one, so let’s get straight to it, shall we?

How much we spent on food in June:

Food & drink: £210.22.

Wowzers – we actually spent £366.55 in May, so that means we shaved off £156.33 in a month!

Ok, so May’s total was unusually high because of having a houseguest, but it was still £92.59 less than in April. That’s a lot, isn’t it? I’m actually wondering if we’ve added everything up properly! But then again, Ste has the task of tallying up our spend from the receipts, and he’s very fastidious about it, so I can’t doubt him.

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in June:

Household & miscellaneous: £16.27 – back down from last month’s high, but still more than in April.

Cat food & cat litter: £55.43 – it sounds bad, but we did buy some wet cat food in bulk and it’s lasted well into July. Also, I have a plan for making our favourite cat litter more affordable, if it works out…

Health items: £0. We’ve managed to scrape by with what we had, apparently, or just avoided getting any scrapes!

Grocery cashback received: £13.59

This has only been my first month of payouts from grocery cashback apps, and look at how much I’ve saved already!

It’s not as if I’m a cashback app noob, but the major improvement has come in no longer relying only on CheckoutSmart, but starting to use Shopmium. I’m totally converted now, and it’s amazing not to have to wait to get to a minimum threshold to be paid back.

My Shopmium referral code is s9pi6x – download the app here for Android and iPhone use this code to get your free gift!

Total spend: £268.33

Our grocery spending – June 2019 results and goals

Well now, that was an unexpected result! What could have contributed to this?

Well, there are two things I can think of straight away –

  1. My exclusion diet, and…
  2. cashback.

Last month I wrote about trying to figure out a new way of eating that we could all live with, and that led to discovering that I could safely eat rice without feeling unwell.

Since then, we’ve all forgone potatoes and other starchy carbs, and also cut out onions, garlic and brassicas. The guys still eat bread, but that’s a no-go for me. It certainly is a lot more boring that before, but my stomach doesn’t hurt!

Goals for July:

As for my goals for June, I’m trying to work out the most affordable way to set up an exclusion diet for me and keep my guys happy at the same time.

My goal for June

I think I’ve smashed that!

My new goal for July has been to keep it going but to maximise the amount of cashback we can get. So far I can say it’s been going well on the cashback front, but I did cheat once or twice this week because I was knackered and there was a pizza in front of me.


Anyway, come back to see how July’s spending shapes up!

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Our grocery spending june 2019
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