My Month In Pictures – July 2017

My month in pictures for July 2017: my favourite Instagram snaps for this month.

My month in pictures – July 2017.

I’ve delayed writing this because I couldn’t figure out why my last month in pictures post had gone haywire – three out of four of my Instagram embeds simply refused to load on the page!

Talk about disheartening… nothing would fix it. Still, I think I’ve found a new method, so let’s see if it works… here goes.


Cheap glamping

We finally went on a holiday! Ok, so it was only  a weekend away, but it’s been years, and it was just the break I needed. Read all about it here.


Newborn kittens


Really, I could happily have filled Instagram and every social media channel I have with pictures of our newborn kittens. I really tried to hold it back.


Picnic dates



Recently we’ve been going to a new park for our workday packed lunch, and getting mugged by the geese for our sandwiches has been a hilarious highlight!


Bedroom mural reveal


At last, here’s a bit of my bedroom mural. It goes around the whole room and has taken ages to get this far! I’m really pleased to be able to share it at last though.

What’s coming up?

August should be interesting, with lots of pics of the work we’ve done on our house. Let’s see what it brings!

Read June’s month in pictures.

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