My Spending Diary – October 2019

My spending diary October 2019

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I definitely didn’t paint the town red in October… in fact, my spending was downright boring. If I hadn’t committed to writing it all down in 2019 I don’t think I’d have bothered with such a boring writeup!

But anyway, here’s what I did get for myself.

What goes into the spending diary?

All the things I’ve bought for my sole personal use. We decide on household items and shared interests, and they come out of the household budget.

Any cashback earned goes back into the household budget.

Bobby pins & hairbands

I was really wavering on the edge of getting some swish snap-together hairbands that work well for afro hair, but I couldn’t justify the price.

Instead I just got myself some thick hair bands that didn’t have that annoying metal clamp or the bit of glue in the middle*. This kind won’t snap or snag, and will be able to put up a good fight against my hair.

Trying to put up a bit more of a fight, I also got some bobby pins*. Once again I told myself I’d put them all back when I was done and not lose them all within a few months.


The bobby pins were £1.28 and the hair bands were £4.99 – £6.27 altogether.

Blackhead extractor kit

Well this is somewhat embarrassing isn’t it? Actually I wanted to get one of these blackhead extractor kits* for a while as it’s become a bit of a thing for me to give my mum a big old facial whenever she comes over, and I thought this would make it easier.

Oh, and of course I’d have it handy for any occasions when I’d need it…

Blackhead extractor kit from Amazon

But I have to admit that I ended up doing more damage than good trying to attack the one icepick scar I have that bothers me. Still it’s probably one of those things that’s good to have in the house in the first aid kit for all eventualities.

It was a meagre £3.99 on Amazon, totally worthwhile.

Total spend: £10.26.

That’s a pretty modest spend, isn’t it? I didn’t really feel like splashing out much but I had to get my hair under control. I’d spent too many days dreaming about shaving it all off so it was one or the other.

Budget rollover to this month: £153.48.

I started October with £113.74 and my spending brought me down to £103.48. On November 1st, we each got another £50 added to our budgets, bringing me up to £153.48.

What was good about this month was that I managed to use my Curve cash for some of this, and for the rest, I earned cashback through using my Curve card – so that definitely made the most of Amazon shopping. All in all I think there was a fair bit of restraint there, but will November’s spending be as limited?

Where’s the rest of it?

As usual, pop over to our grocery spending for details on what we’ve spent at the supermarket last month.

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My spending diary October 2019

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