Our Grocery Spending – January 2019

Our grocery spending - January 2019

It’s been a few years since we actively tracked our supermarket spending, and it’s about time that we got back to it. Why? Well, I know we could do better, but without tracking our expenses, it’s unlikely that we’ll have either the information or the inclination to do it right.

And don’t we all love to know how much everyone else is spending?

How much we spent on food in January:

Food & drink: £234.50

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in January:

Household & miscellaneous: £23.62

Cat food & cat litter: £52.66

Health items: £21.34

Grocery cashback received: £0

Total spend: £332.12

Our grocery spending – January 2019 results and goals

Woah, that’s high!

I thought it might be this month, and here’s why: for the entire month of January I’ve been recovering from an operation and unable to move around much, so my husband’s been doing all of the food shopping and cooking, as well as the housework.

This means that more than a few meals have been convenience options, and that’s to be expected. Also, I’ve not been able to co-ordinate and hunt down supermarket cashback offers. So we have a lot of progress to make with getting back to our regular thrifty pattern.

Goals for February:

Get food spending well below £200 and reduce household items as well. As for the cats… well, they’re in charge here so frankly we’re going to continue doing all we can to appease them.

Can I make this happen? Well, five years ago when we started flexing our frugal muscles like crazy, we spent £182.82 on food, medicines and household items. Compared to then, we are massively overspending!

We didn’t have any pets and Little Balders was actually little, unlike now when we practically have 3 adult stomachs to feed. Still, we’re going to try to bring our food shopping closer in line to 2014’s food budget.

Wish us well!

Next month

Our grocery spending - January 2019

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