Our Grocery Spending – November 2019

Our grocery spending November 2019

We did so well in the past two months, so will we be able to keep it going?

How much we spent on food in November:

Food & drink: £308.73 before cashback.

That’s over £72 more than the month before… oh my. You’ll have to read on for my good excuse this time.

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in November:

Household & miscellaneous: £26.04 – A jump of almost £8 this month.

Cat food & cat litter: £18.47 – This is exactly one pound less than the month before.

Health items: £1.18 – Much, much lower than before!

354.42 total.

Grocery & household goods cashback received: £47.88.

I actually found it quite fun to use our grocery cashback apps this time around, and I guess that having fun is the secret to sticking to something. So here’s the breakdown:

  • £25.39 came from Shopmium,
  • £22.49 from CheckoutSmart.

My Shopmium referral code is s9pi6x – download the app here* for Android and iPhone use this code to get your free gift, which is currently a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

Total spend: £306.54.

Our grocery spending – November 2019 results and goals

Well, that shot up! The biggest reason for the increase was Ste’s acquisition of a new cookbook that really got him interested in cooking for the first time. He’d already been doing a lot of the cooking, but you couldn’t say he was particularly interested.

Now he had a reason to go on a treasure hunt for all sorts of ingredients he’d never heard of, and while it bumped up our bill somewhat, it’s a good thing in the long run. We all get more variety and he gets some more cooking tuition!

Goals for December:

My goal for November is to do the same thing again – but narrow it down a little and get our spend under £270.

My goal for November

Well, that was a bust. We spent a fair amount of that on store cupboard staples though – spices and condiments that will last for a long time – so it’s not as though it went down the drain. And if cooking can become a new hobby for Ste, it’ll be money well invested.

My goal for December is going to have to keep these new developments in mind, and set our budget at £300. Will it work?

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Our Grocery Spending November 2019
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