Perspectives On Debt By British Bloggers

Perspectives on debt to inspire and inform you - written by UK money bloggers

Perspectives on debt – articles by UK bloggers to inspire and inform you.

If you’re facing debts, hoping to find help for someone else, or are simply looking for information to make sure you don’t fall into debt, the internet is going to provide you with more than you can handle. However, you’ll probably be looking for some advice and information that’s particularly relevant to the country you live in, and here’s where this post comes in: bringing you a roundup of resources from the UK’s money bloggers.

The Inspirational Stories

Reading personal experiences of debt can spur us on to try to make the changes that might seem insurmountable. They can also open our eyes to the many reasons why people get into debt in the first place, and help us to understand the people in our lives we want to help.

Vicky Eves from I Beat Debt tells us about how she found herself getting further and further into debt during a period of illness in her family, and how she found a fun and quirky way to help clear her debts. Vicky’s also written an ebook, “Quiz, and the debt was (half) gone”, that goes into more details.


Francesca from From Pennies To Pounds wrote a breakup letter to her debt, as they were drawing close to the end of their time together. It paints a touching tale of how debt permanently affects a person, and of what the root causes of debt can look like.


Maria from The Money Principle writes about her epic feat of paying off £100,000 of consumer debt in just three years. She outlines her simple strategy and also emphasises the role of education – basic financial education – in cutting out her cash flow problems.

Hayley from Disease Called Debt also successfully cleared a massive amount of debt (over £41k) in a short space of time… but not until after enduring a 15 year struggle with it. She also writes about other bloggers’ debt success stories, and has written an ebook, “Achieving Debt Freedom”, about overcoming the emotions linked to paying off debt.

Of course, I’ve also written my own story of my experience with debt – very different from those mentioned here, but actually, each person’s story is unique, no matter the reasons for their debt.



The Podcast Episode

If, like me, you enjoy listening to podcasts whilst doing other chores, you’ll enjoy this one: Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash discusses getting out and staying out of debt in episode 45 of the Cash Chats podcast entitled “Get Out Of Debt And Take Control“.




The Course

If you prefer a longer-form guide to debt instruction, Kerry from Money Saving Journeys has used her experience of coming out the other side of debt to develop a 6-week email course entitled “Debt Busting – Get Set for Success!” Her blog also features real-life debt stories.


The Website

Yes, it’s an entire website dedicated to debt! Sara Williams’ website, Debt Camel, has lots of information on what to do when you find yourself in debt, but what about a list of what NOT to do?

As a Citizen’s Advice Bureau advisor, Sara has a wealth of experience in dealing with debt problems that are both general and specific to the UK. She has kindly contributed a post discussing debt management to Homely Economics as well.

Inspirational stories and informative articles about debt, from a British perspective.

Perspectives on debt to inspire and inform you - written by UK money bloggers.


Over to you…

What are your thoughts on this selection of bloggers’ perspectives on debt? The list could have been ten times longer, as many money bloggers have personal experiences of debt which have spurred them on to start their blogs and help others. I hope you’ll find something in this list to encourage and inform you.

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