Planning Our Bathroom – Choosing Tiles

Choosing tiles for our DIY bathroom renovation has led to some differences of opinion... and some compromise.

Choosing tiles for our new bathroom renovation

It’s led to a bit of a disagreement!
Incidentally, we got 7 packs of these white metro tiles from eBay for £40 – bargain! These are just what Lord Balders wanted. I’d have had something more unusual, but our budget doesn’t stretch to unusual unless it’s something homemade.
So this leads to my first lesson in DIY on a tight budget – compromise.
That stinks a little sometimes but in our case, any improvement to our bathroom would be welcomed, so I can happily compromise over some aesthetic choices.

What pattern to lay the tiles in?

However… I’m bristling over the next tabled issue – how to lay them. This will be my job, by the way. I want a herringbone pattern, but Lord Balders wants a straightforward brick bond pattern. Now, oh kind and lovely internet people,  which of us is right?
(Pick me! Pick me!)
Oh, and I had to bring everything out into the garden to take the pictures, because I’ve been at work all day and I needed to get in touch with some grass. It makes the tiles look all wonky, but I had a good time.
He wants a more traditional brick bond for the tiles.
I want a herringbone pattern…

Salvaging scrap

One unusual thing we do agree on is making a weird copper sculpture with our pipes. Well, that’s the kind of thing we do.
We spent some time pricing up 15mm pipe and assorted tools yesterday, but we’ll need a bit more than if we were doing all straight runs. Then I thought,  maybe they’ll have some scraps at work that I could use?  Sure enough, they did let me have some pipe scraps to play around with.
Vader wants to ‘help’ with the plumbing, it seems.

I know, not everyone will have the same kind of resources that I have because of my work. Still, it can’t hurt to ask nicely if you think you may be able to blag a freebie. I’ve been able to come away with a lot of valuable advice as well,  just from asking nicely.

I’ve also got news about a bathtub and sink that are currently living in my bedroom (not ensuite style) but I’ve been called in to make dinner, so that’ll have to wait.

By the way, don’t forget that you can get cashback on eBay shopping when you go through Top Cashback – yep, even on second-hand stuff. That’s brilliant for bargain hunters like me.

So, is it to be herringbone or traditional?  Is the pipe sculpture too weird? Will the cat make a good plumber?

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