How I Restored Two 1950s Panel Doors

Restoring vintage 1950s panel doors - click on the picture to read how we tackled this DIY project!

Here’s how I restored two 1950s panel doors found boarded over in my house. When we moved into our 1950s concrete ex-council house, there weren’t many good surprises… but it was cheap. The previous owner actually took a lot of the internal doors off of the hinges, for some reason! […]

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Planning Our Bathroom – Choosing Tiles

Choosing tiles for our DIY bathroom renovation has led to some differences of opinion... and some compromise.

Choosing tiles for our new bathroom renovation… It’s led to a bit of a disagreement! Incidentally, we got 7 packs of these white metro tiles from eBay for £40 – bargain! These are just what Lord Balders wanted. I’d have had something more unusual, but our budget doesn’t stretch to unusual unless […]

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Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

Here's how we created a Star Wars bedroom on a low budget for our 11 year old boy. See the before and after pictures, and find the accessories you need to create your own Star Wars spaceship bedroom!

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover Ta daaah! Here are some pictures of Little Balders’ Star Wars themed bedroom, which we  finished to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yes, I say finished, but it’s only really finished-ish… there are upcycling projects planned for his hand-me-down furniture and […]

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The Wish List

I made it through another working week. I survived. High drama for someone who only works for two days a week, but it just goes to show how I’ve come to feel about my job. But no more about that, I’ve gotten into bed with my laptop precisely to forget […]

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Two Month DIY Challenge

My two month DIY challenge. There’s no way of getting around it. I’ve got to part with quite a lot of money quite soon. Last year I wrote about my ‘presentation anxiety’ – how I started to get seriously uptight about letting people see my house, as if they were […]

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