The Wish List

I made it through another working week. I survived.

High drama for someone who only works for two days a week, but it just goes to show how I’ve come to feel about my job. But no more about that, I’ve gotten into bed with my laptop precisely to forget about work and focus on the week ahead, especially since the coming Monday’s a bank holiday, and I’ve taken Tuesday off as well. Yay!

I’ve got a lot of planning to do for my two month DIY challenge, which technically has started, seeing as Mum’s going to be here in less than two months. The thing is, I’ve got to spend the last part of April planning purchases and trying to finish off jobs I already started, so that we can plough on with the big jobs in May.

Today we’ve discovered that our banger needs some urgent work. (I need to discuss bangernomics at length soon – basically, we’re trying to squeeze as much life as possible out of a £250 car that we bought on eBay last August.) It needs new brake pads, a new cv boot (or entirely new drive shaft) and the windscreen wipers need to be fixed. We realised that the only way to practice bangernomics and succeed is to learn to fix your car yourself, so Lord Balders has the task of doing all of this, starting tomorrow. The brake pads were only £14, but add in the cost of the drive shaft and wiper motor, as well as his lost earnings due to staying at home to work on the car, and April is looking even worse than it did before.

We’ll be happy to break even this month before we start digging into our savings next month. Here’s my vague idea of what we’ll need to budget for:


Sink, bathtub and shower, taps and waste, etc

Tiles or backpainted Perspex shower panels

Something miraculous to cover the disgusting ceiling


Miscellaneous accessories, such as shaving mirror for windowsill, toilet roll holder and new towels

Unfinished jobs in the rest of the house

Bedroom doors x 2

Venetian blinds for my bedroom

White floor paint

Grey satin/eggshell paint for stairs and skirting boards

Emulsion for my bedroom mural…

A sneak peek at the mural I’m working on in our bedroom.

Fence repair

Pneumatic drill hire

Sand and cement

Houseguesty things –


New pillows.

I just asked Lord Balders about our bathroom budget but the pained look on his face told me I should leave that until after he’s tackled the car. Gulp.

So let’s not talk about the cost just yet – let’s leave that trauma for May and finish fighting April.

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