Saving money on transportation

All of us need to get out and about, and it makes sense to minimise our costs as much as possible. Here are some posts on travel and transportation, and how you can save money on cars, trains and more!


Bangernomics: is driving a cheap secondhand car worth it?Saving money on used cars: if you're worried about buying a secondhand car, here are some tips to keep in mind for viewing a used vehicle.How does car ownership affect your finances? When priced out of car ownership, many are forced to rely on expensive modes of transportation and lose out in other ways as well.Surely everyone in the UK who's commuted by train has wondered how they can save money on train fares. If you've got to take the train regularly then you're probably ready for anything new to help you claw back some of your money. Here are some sure-fire ways to make the cost of train fares just a bit less painful.Why you shouldn't skimp on tyre safety this winter - reasons that running on worn tyres can cost you big.The story of a chaotic house move and how it left us running through London with two budgies in a cage and a vacuum cleaner.


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