Anti-Social Media: Sharp Practice Online

Have you experienced the Twitter and Instagram follow-unfollow scam? Or the epidemic of fake followers? I've written about this in this post about anti-social media: follow-baiting, spam and bad behaviour online.

Anti-social media: sharp practice and bad behaviour online Although I’d rather refrain from self-reflexive writing, I thought I’d address something that’s become apparent to me in the last few weeks of navigating the internet. Recently I’ve been helping a few people, including my husband, to get accustomed to using Instagram and Twitter as a way of promoting their businesses. (See, this is […]

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Extra Income Report – August 2016

My extra income report for August 2016.

Extra income report: August 2016. We meant to do two things in August: start earning even more extra pocket money and get back into the DIY swing of things on the house, which would mean spending more as well. Both have been hard, as there have just been so many distractions and so many new projects popping up. Last month I […]

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The Faff Scale

Sometimes money-saving tricks seem too fiddly to be worth the time. Here's my scale to compare against.

Is personal finance too much hassle? Most of the time, it’s not that personal finance, budgeting and/or doing a little sideline online is actually too difficult for us – it’s just that we can’t be bothered. It’s this inertia that financial and insurance companies thrive on, and it’s this inertia that can cost us. So with this in mind, I […]

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This Rug Has Ruined My Life

Click on the picture to find out why this rug - or maybe my cat - has ruined my life.

I wanted a rug… Why is it that we buy things, hoping that they’ll dramatically improve our lives, even though we know that they won’t? Ok, my living room rug hasn’t really ruined my life, but it has given me a lot more work than I had before I bought it. I wanted a rug for the living room. I […]

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Making A Difference – My Feature on CBB

It’s been my privilege to appear on Mr Canadian Budget Binder’s blog, in the Making A Difference feature. Can you tell that I’m excited? 🙂 I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes on my blog recently, because although I do like the fact that this is a home-made, DIY affair, I don’t want the place to look shoddy. I […]

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The Sad Case of Doig and Doige

Hoping to strike gold by stumbling across a masterpiece in the attic or at next Sunday’s car boot fair? You wouldn’t be alone. It’s a natural consequence of the stratospheric prices attached to works of art that buyers, collectors and viewers might as well be looking at a framed wad of cash instead of a painting. Found a lost Manet? Cash […]

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Interview: Amy’s Organics & Naturals

An interview with Amy's Organics & Naturals

What does it take to set up and run a successful business? Maybe you want to develop your ideas into a product or service to be able to add to your income or work from home, but don’t know where to start. Do you ever wonder what goes into the process, and what helped an entrepreneur get to where they are now? Well, […]

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How You Can Earn Cashback with A Pockit Prepaid MasterCard

Earning Cashback with Pockit

What is Pockit? Pockit is a prepaid MasterCard. I’ve been wondering why I don’t hear more personal finance bloggers talking about prepaid cards, and in particular, Pockit.   Recently, I got an email from Pockit telling me I’d received cashback in my account – £1.88, to be precise, but hey, every penny counts to me. Great, I thought; all of that […]

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Signs of… Slugs

A carnation growing from a cutting.

I’ll be honest: my garden plans have resulted in failure. Not quite all-out, unmitigated failure, but still, not success. I think every blogger wants to paint a perfect picture of life behind the screen, but hey –  that’s not me. I mean, I would love for it all to work out perfectly and be able to blog about how brilliantly everything I’ve planned […]

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Make More Money! Part 4: Selling Unwanted Items

How can you make extra money by selling your unwanted items? Click on the picture to read my review of four different online selling platforms!

Make more money by selling unwanted items. When I wrote my list of things to try to make more money, I knew that this would be one of the hardest for me.   Why? Honestly, I don’t really know; I’ve furnished my entire life through eBay for the last two decades, and I know my way around it. Selling on […]

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