Can You Make Money With Inbox Pounds?

Can you make money with Inbox Pounds?

Can you make money with Inbox Pounds?

If you’ve been searching for the answer to this, chances are you already know what Inbox Pounds is, but if not, Inbox Pounds is a “Get Paid To” site, which means it’s a website wherein you can earn cash for completing surveys and taking out product trials and offers, as well as using their search engine.

The inbox part comes from the paid emails that you can receive, which earn you a penny for each one you click. Inbox Pounds is the UK version, with the US version being, naturally, Inbox Dollars.


Do I use Inbox Pounds?

Well, yes, a bit. I signed up in 2014 and it took me a couple of months to receive my first payout (at the £20 threshold) thanks to my relatively relaxed attitude to the whole “get-paid-to” website concept.


InboxPounds offers a combination of paid emails at 1p each, surveys and retailers’ offers, and at the time I was most active, paid videos as well. I didn’t do many surveys as I’d found other survey sites which I liked more. I watched a few videos for a penny a time, but there usually weren’t many available on the website. I took up a few offers, which were the most profitable, and used their search engine when I needed to look something up online, and of course I got a shedload of emails.


So, £20 for doing quite a lot of not much – is still £20 for doing not much. So would I recommend it? Well, yes and no.


Why I would recommend Inbox Pounds

Yes, I would recommend Inbox Pounds because it’s one of the simplest and least intelligence-belittling GPT sites I’ve seen.

These sites usually use “stickiness” – treats or rewards for daily visits – and gamification to entice the site user into feeling like they’re part of a happy clappy club. I didn’t get that feeling here. Sure, the stickiness isn’t such a big deal when they’re emailing their offers out, so you trade that for a much more cluttered inbox.

That’s not a big deal fif you set up an email address just to try these sites out – bring it on!


Why I might not recommend Inbox Pounds

No, I can’t absolutely freely recommend Inbox Pounds because of one thing only: most of their offers seem to be from gambling companies.

This is a big deal for me, as I don’t gamble, and I could never in good conscience promote something to someone else that could tempt them into gambling. So that means that when I recommend this to anyone, it’ll have to include pointing out that I also recommend sidestepping the bingo/slots/betting offers on the site.

However, most GPT sites have plenty of the same offers on display, so it’s up to the individual to exercise caution according to their conscience; I think it’s just the fact that the offers arrive in one’s personal email inbox that brings it closer to my conscience.

Anyway, without gambling at all, I managed to nab myself a cheque.


But 2014 was years ago, have I used it since then?

I decided to try something out – clicking on the emails only to see how long it would take me to cash out with only the paid email earnings as well as the odd referral bonus.  Yes, it takes ages and I haven’t even reached £19 yet! But I worked out back in 2014 that GPT sites aren’t my thing, but that InboxPounds was the only one I was going to stick with.

So I wanted to try this experiment out to satisfy my own curiosity as well as give my readers a little trivia.

Sure, I haven’t clicked on every single email, so maybe someone else could have made a bit more progress than me. When it’s over, maybe I’ll go back to completing some offers as well, as I’ve seen some high-value offers that would make progress easy.


So can you make money with Inbox Pounds?

Yes, you can make some money, but as with all GPT sites, it depends on your personality and whether you like them in the first place. Inbox Pounds might just be the site for you if you want to earn a little bit of money on the side – click this link to join Inbox Pounds.

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  1. Im going to try Inbox pounds, I have tried a few sites like this and am an experienced Matched bettor so probably wont be able to do the gambling ones as I will already have accounts. But I will certainly give it a go and see how much I can bank in one month. Good article.

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