Five Frugal Things We’ve Done: Wombling And Complaining

Five frugal things we've done this fortnight: wombling and complaining!

Five frugal things we’ve done this fortnight: wombling and complaining

This week we’ve started on the DIY on our no-longer-so-new home. First project – painting the hallway and stairs! There’s bound to be more of this type of thing in the next instalment, so look out for tales of tools and builders’ bargains.

Also, I’ve wrapped up my pewter project, and you can have a look here. Now onto the frugal things!



Everything £5 outfits

Our resident teen was keen to upgrade his look, so after fielding suggestions for what appeared to me like dodgy-looking online clothes stores, we introduced him to the joys of Everything £5. He bought a few items and was over the moon when his package arrived!

Recently I wrote a post about how to shop online safely, and my own son’s small steps towards financial independence really made me think about how little kids actually know about shopping online, and how important it is to steer them in the right direction and show them how best to do it safely.


Complaining after a bad movie screening

We all went to the movies together the other night, and we knew almost immediately that it was going to be a challenging evening. The entire back row of the theater was taken up by yobby teenagers who were happy to chat and shout through the entire movie and ruin it for everyone.

My husband was the only one who went to the staff afterwards to complain, but he saw another moviegoer who had challenged the noisy teenagers during the screening, and called him over to join in. As a result, we got three free tickets to another movie, and the other moviegoer got two free tickets as well.

Complaining in the right way works!


Tesco wombling

Wombling isn’t dead! Sure, ASDA’s wombling days are over, but we scooped up a huge amount Tesco Clubcard points this fortnight through receipt spotting.


Found a Zeek top up credit bargain

We found a great bargain where Zeek were offering £20 cashback if you topped up your account with £200. You would also get cashback for going through TopCashback, and here comes the boom… Zeek’s Black Friday offer gave you £2 if you spent £50, £4 if you spent £80 and £7 if you spent £120.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as much of a shopper, you can use your Zeek credit to buy, say, Tesco gift cards and make big savings on your everyday groceries!

Remember, this link gives you £5 to spend with Zeek 🙂


Nectar points for eBay spending

A lot of our online shopping happens on eBay, and we’ve slowly been accumulating Nectar points that way. Neither one of us has paid much attention to the Nectar rewards scheme really, but we had a look at how much the points are now worth, and we’ve got over £12 stashed away. Make sure you link your Nectar card to your eBay account to get extra bonus points!


Over to you…

Are there any frugal things you’ve been particularly happy with this week?


I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.

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