My Month In Pictures – October 2017

My month in pictures – October 2017

October has been such a busy month. With house viewings, family visiting and a half term to cope with, it’s definitely been a blur!

Here a few photos that have been special to me.

Summer to autumn colour

My in-laws have some fantastic dahlias in their garden – after visiting one day, my mother-in-law gave me one stem that had been blown over by the strong wind. What amazing colour in a single flower!


My cat family… now inseparable

A few months ago we couldn’t have imagined how Vader would take to Mohawk. He’s gone from avoiding, growling and hissing to grooming and sleeping alongside her. It took ages but they love each other now.

Present day again!

Call us odd, but we really enjoy wrapping up presents for Little Balders!

Handbag kitten

Mohawk has developed a very cute and occasionally annoying habit: squawking for someone to pick her up and carry her around like a clutch bag. I guess we can’t complain, as we kinda trained her to do it! Trying to make coffee first thing in the morning whilst carrying her with one arm is a skill we have to master.

Over to you…

How has October been for you?

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