Five Frugal Things We’ve Done This Fortnight – 27/10/17

Five frugal things we've done over the past fortnight - including switching to a vegetarian diet!

Five frugal things we’ve done this fortnight:

A couple of weeks goes by so quickly when you’re busy! The past few weeks have seen us encounter lots of new and strange obstacles – discovering that my website was being cloned being the strangest – and as I wrote this post I realised how many things I could chuck into it if I wanted to.

But let’s stick to five and keep it simple!


Sold our bed on eBay

Our bed has been creeeeeaking for years – it was an antique Victorian bed that I bought in 2008, so it probably shouldn’t be any surprise that it wasn’t doing well. It was bowing in the middle and needed a full refurb.

I listed it on eBay and was very honest, and it did sell, but not for much. Still, it was a contribution to the cost of our new bed!


Started to go vegetarian

Last time I mentioned buying a spiraliser to make it easier to eat less pasta – this time we’ve made the leap to trim our diets even more by becoming vegetarians. Erm… pescatarians, I suppose.

I was being nudged by my vegan mother, but going all the way was just a step too far for all of us. We’d rather edge our way there than burn out!

Being vegetarian wasn’t a money-based decision, but it does have its financial benefits as well. Meat can be quite pricey! Two birds, one stone and all that.


(Re)Built our own PC

My husband’s keen on buying components and building computers rather than buying a whole machine. I must admit, it was an eye-opener for me.

He’s not a pro, just willing to have a go, but he’s managed to pick up a new motherboard and some RAM in a sale, and is now shopping around online for a new CPU.

With a bit of persistence he’s learnt enough to keep his ancient machine Frank (short for Frankenstein, because like Frankenstein’s monster he’s got all sorts of parts bolted together and shouldn’t really be alive) going. I think that’s kinda cool, and it’s great to be able to show Little Balders how computers work.


Took out a free Netflix trial

After being nagged by Little Balders for ages I finally took out a Netflix trial for a month.

We don’t watch tv – don’t have a tv license and don’t have an aerial into the house – so getting a month’s worth of movies and tv shows was a major treat!


Listed lots of new items for free on Etsy

I got an email from Etsy saying that I’d been given 50 free listings to use by the 18th of October, so of course, I waited around until a few days beforehand and panicked madly… then I managed to stock my shop up with lots of new items, which has given me a kick up the bum!

My shop looks great and I haven’t bankrupted myself, which is handy.

I definitely recommend trying Etsy for selling, especially when you can get a load of free listings to try it out.

This link gets you 40 free Etsy listings!


Over to you…

Done anything frugal this week? I’d love to hear about it!

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.

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  1. Thank you for the Etsy link for the free listings. I am determined to start an Etsy shop and this is a really good incentive! Good luck with your sales 🙂 I’ve not been particularly frugal in the last week, except for the usual ‘must not spend any money’ panic before the mortgage goes out on the 1st!

    1. All the best with setting up your shop! I loved having the free listings to start with as it takes the pressure off 🙂 Drop us a link when it gets going!

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