Ombré Staircase – Work In Progress

Click on the picture to read about how I created my colour gradient stairs.

Work in progress report for my ombré stairs –

Ever spent any time on Pinterest?

I hadn’t, until a few months ago.  I didn’t get it at first, but when I realised I’d be getting my hands on my own house, I started compiling ideas for decorating and gardening, as many do. It’s been extremely useful, but it’s also been a major pain as well, in that it’s actually infected me with presentation anxiety.

No kidding – I found myself riddled with anxiety whilst wading through strips of wallpaper and dust from sanded floorboards, dreading any unannounced arrival of curious friends, because my building site of a house wasn’t Pinterest-perfect.

Silly, eh?

Lord Balders would think nothing of inviting people over for a nose, whereas I would immediately freak out at the prospect of anyone seeing the place. And honestly, I haven’t wanted to update this blog with pictures because, well, they’d be nowhere near the “after” stage.

Presentation anxiety

Well, I still feel overwhelmed, but since I’ve identified it I’ve been working on it. I don’t want to be one of those people whose entire identity is wrapped up in their home décor (and what other people think of it) – I’ve got too many things going on to fall into that trap. Still, I’m working hard on tarting the place up, without spending a fortune.

Here’s one project that’s almost finished, and was unashamedly stolen from Pinterest – our ombré staircase. Lord Balders picked the green colour, which we had mixed in a satin finish. We bought a pack of 12 food containers to hold the graded colours, which I made with fairly precise measurements of green to white paint.


Mixing the paint for the stair risers.

Lids and containers numbered to avoid mix-ups.


Mixed colours on their corrsponding treads. The balustrade sides are painted with the same gradient as the treads.

Risers and treads finished! I thought we should leave the stairs painted white, but Lord Balders asked me to trust him with the grey treads. I let him have this one. This room will stay white, unlike the rest of the ground floor, which is quite dark.

Another shot of the finished risers and treads – lots more to do with the woodwork, though. This is one of the first projects we did in our new house, and it’s taken a while to be fully finished. Have a look at this post for the before pictures, and check out this post to see pictures of the fully finished staircase!

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    1. My mum was inspired to do her stairs as well, but she used three different alternating wallpaper patterns for the risers instead of painting them. It came out really well!

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