We Bought A House!

We Bought A House! Click on the picture to see the gory pictures of the DIY and decorating project we've given ourselves.

We’ve got something to tell you…

So… it’s been a while! I’d delayed updating the blog on purpose – it’s not exactly true that I wanted to delay it this much, but I guess one thing led to another, one week led to a month, and here I am. But I had a good reason –

We bought a house!

Yep, it was all done with so quickly and relatively painlessly that it seemed like barely a minute in comparison to the year of painstaking saving that had led up to it. Then, suddenly, we had the keys to our own home. Our own, very grotty, very smelly, home.

Of course, budget-conscious (tightwad) folks like us would opt for the fixer-upper over the ready-done house, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that our final choice was more than a bit rough around the edges. So it happened that back in June, we found ourselves dunked into a massive project – turning a nicotine-drenched, malodorous ex-council house on an historically disreputable estate into the Balders Manor.

I know some people who wouldn’t have touched this house with a… well, with any pointy implement of any length whatsoever; yet we grabbed it, for a few reasons: 1. the potential, 2. the land, 3. the price.


Yes, the house was grotty, but it was big enough for us, with huge windows, no damp, and plenty of scope to extend, improve, personalise and, dare I say, add value.


Yes, it’s on an estate with a dodgy rep, but we realised that the tide had turned after many of the council houses were demolished a few years ago and smart new social housing built in their place, with new management. What’s more, council houses in this part of the north-west are the only homes in our starter budget that will typically have gardens, and this house has a whopper of a back garden, as well as a front garden and driveway. Hopefully, investing in hedge plants come bare-root season will help with privacy and a psychological barrier, and that combined with minding our own business will reduce the relevance of its location.


And yes, it was cheap. Cheaper than anything else on the market at the time, which, combined with the 30% deposit our savings gave us, means that we have a great mortgage rate with repayments that are less than our rent was, and will be paid off in 11 years (if we don’t fancy paying it off before then).


Lots of “Before” pictures!

So there’s lots to fill in, but I’ll just add the work-in-progress pictures so anyone who wishes to can go “Ewww!” and “Uggghh!” – just bear in mind that the ‘after’ pictures may be some time in coming!

The kitchen – could have been worse. Nicotine stained ceiling, one double glazed pane missing, manky exposed pipes and lots of gunk on the cabinets.



Dining room – Another missing window pane, with nasty nets & curtains.


Living room – the greige wallpaper concealing many sins…


The semi-iridescent carpet – the result of sun-bleaching and unknowable stains

The grottiest bathroom, after throwing out the grottiest bathroom rug, which had started to grow roots into the floor – weeks of epic struggle with this floor followed.

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