Our Grocery Spending – August 2019

Our grocery spending august 2019

Are we finding our new level? I think so – at least, it seems to look like it. August’s shopping cost was lower all around, except in one area…

How much we spent on food in August:

Food & drink: £338.01 before cashback.

Well, that’s not too bad! The pre-cashback total is actually less than the previous month’s, so that shows some progress. You’ll have to make it down to the end to see the true total after I subtract the amount we got back.

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in August:

Household & miscellaneous: £12.98 – down! Did we just buy enough stuff the month before to hold us over? I’m not sure, but this total is almost half of July’s spending.

Cat food & cat litter: £39.57 – now you can see where we’ve fallen down. This time our pet spending went up by £6.50! This seems a bit odd as I’m sure we bought far less cat litter. I guess the little fiends made up for it by eating their body weight in cat food every day.

Health items: £1.60 – not too bad at all this time around; I think it was mostly to stock up on simple painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Grocery & household goods cashback received: £17.61.

This is the result of my third month of consistent payouts from grocery cashback apps, and last month it was a little bit higher, at £20.69.

This time it was made up entirely from payments from Shopmium! What did we get? Well, some of the items we got for free included Nescafe Azera coffee bags, peanut butter, ready-meal curry, fresh milk, ground coffee and iced tea. Yes, a lot of coffee-making, which made us exceedingly happy indeed.

My Shopmium referral code is s9pi6x – download the app here for Android and iPhone use this code to get your free gift, which is currently a jar of Nutella.

Total spend: £374.55

Our grocery spending – August 2019 results and goals

So that’s £31.54 less than July’s total. And it was still the summer holiday, so the ravenous teen was still at large at home.

Goals for September:

My goal for August is to get the cat costs down a bit more…

My goal for August

Ok, so the cat costs didn’t come down at all. What on earth!

It looks like the ravenous beasts (of the fluffy, four-legged variety) are taxing us mightily. These guys don’t share my interest in getting their food costs down, so they’re no help whatsoever. So what’s my goal for September?

My goal for September is giving the cat costs another go. I think we need to have another month to see whether my attempts can actually make a dent. Come back for September’s roundup to see how it works out!

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Our grocery spending august 2019
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