Our Grocery Spending – July 2019

Our grocery spending July 2019

It seems as though what goes down must come up. But by how much? Don’t forget to check the real total at the end, it’s the total after our cashback has been taken into account!

How much we spent on food in July:

Food & drink: £360.06 before cashback.

We spent £210.22 in June, so that tells me that it was a combination of a big spend in May leading to buying less in June, and that we had less food left over to impact on July’s spending.

July’s spending is close to May’s big total of £366.55. Darnit, I thought I was onto something for a minute there.

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in July:

Household & miscellaneous: £25.57 – up a little, but manageable. I got a TopCashback offer of £1 off a bottle of shower gel, making it free… but that’ll be reflected in the overall total.

Cat food & cat litter: £33.07 – it’s definitely an improvement!

Health items: £8.08. – can’t be helped, but I think it’s quite low, when you think about it.

Grocery & household goods cashback received: £20.69

This is the result of my second month of payouts from grocery cashback apps, and last month it was £13.59.

This time it was £1 from TopCashback and £19.69 from Shopmium.

It’s driving Ste a bit nuts that he doesn’t have the tally of how much cashback is coming in, only what’s going out, and of course it’s inflated because you have to buy items to be refunded.

My Shopmium referral code is s9pi6x – download the app here* and use this code to get your free gift!

Total spend: £406.09

Our grocery spending – July 2019 results and goals

Well then… that was a swift turnaround! I think I’d better come up with an excuse quickly – does a school summer holiday sound about right?

Having a giant, hungry teen boy hanging around the house all day inhaling breakfast cereal is clearly not good for my wallet. Yikes.

Goals for August:

My new goal for July has been to keep it going but to maximise the amount of cashback we can get…

My goal for July

My diet (which is what I meant when I said keep it going) wasn’t a problem in July, and we certainly have been trying hard with the cashback. Actually, I don’t really see it as trying hard, because it’s a bit like a treasure hunt.

As for the cost of my diet, in truth it’s just not as cheap as before, now that my priority is to find food that won’t trigger stomach trouble. Sigh.

My goal for August is to get the cat costs down a bit more. We had some special occasion food shopping to do, so that will probably inflate the total somewhat, but it was unavoidable. Will I get to see the right side of £350 again?

Last month

Next month

Our grocery spending July 2019
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