Our Grocery Spending – September 2019

Our grocery spending September 2019

I feel good about September’s progress, especially when there have been so many months where the total amount we’ve spent at the supermarket has just crept up on me.

This time I think we managed a good balance – nobody’s been complaining about the quality or quantity of the food on offer, and the bill’s gone down, so we’re winning!

How much we spent on food in September:

Food & drink: £269.15 before cashback.

Oh yes, it’s been a good month! I don’t think we relied too heavily on August’s shopping either, and I’ve also received some cashback on top of that to make the true total even lower (see below for this).

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in September:

Household & miscellaneous: £25.68 – well that jumped right up from August. There are some things that just need to be replaced – bin bags, aluminium foil, you know. When you need them, you need them.

Cat food & cat litter: £16.70 – Now this has made me happy! Well, I was happy before but I’m over the moon at getting this down from almost £40 in August.

My cashback apps helped me out a fair bit with this, as there were a few cat food offers to take advantage of.

My new cat litter system is paying off, even if I’m left with the job of cleaning out the litter tray.

Health items: £6.50 – We’re getting by despite being held together by duct tape and prayers (just kidding).

Grocery & household goods cashback received: £41.07

Is this the most we’ve received from grocery cashback apps so far this year? I think so, and it’ll be down to finally getting my CheckoutSmart account to pay out after reaching the £20 threshold.

Here’s the breakdown of apps we used and what we got:

  • £21.63 from CheckoutSmart
  • £16.74 from Shopmium
  • £2 from Quidco ClickSnap
  • 70p from TopCashback Snap N Save

My Shopmium referral code is s9pi6x – download the app here for Android and iPhone use this code to get your free gift, which is currently a jar of Nutella.

Total spend: £276.96

Our grocery spending – September 2019 results and goals

So that’s £97.59 less than August’s total. Now that is something to be happy about. Phew!

Goals for October:

My goal for September is giving the cat costs another go.

My goal for September

Yes, I think we smashed that target!

So where does that leave us now for October? Ste’s gotten fired up about bringing the cost of our food shopping down but I think he’s gone a bit over-optimistic, seeing as we still don’t want to end up without some treats to ease us into Autumn.

My goal for October is to keep our overall spend under £280. We’ve already done one bulk shop, so is it possible?

Last month

Our grocery spending September 2019
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