A New Kind Of Pay Per View

Some high-cost credit lenders have started to offer exorbitant rates of credit on household items.Shockingly, the repayments are linked to your tv viewing.

High cost credit is usually offered to the poorest in society. I really hadn’t intended to post today as, yet again, it’s a gloriously sunny day here, and I’m languishing in the race to complete my housework (yawn). I’ve finally got my laundry nemesis, the Sleeping Bag, into the washing […]

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Rip It Up And Start Again…

I’m on a bit of a posting frenzy it seems, only because I’ve finally spilled the beans about the child maintenance chase and there’s quite a bit to share about that. As it’s past this year’s tax deadline, I’ve been ruminating over when or whether to start the process of […]

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