Can You Really Make Money From Your Blog?

Can You Really Make Money From Your Blog? The internet is awash with bloggers, and most of them seem to want you to join them. (Cue the creepy scene: they lurch towards you chanting, “join us… join us!”)   Ok, maybe that’s a bit strong, but I’ll bet that you’ve […]

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Blogger To WordPress

Blogger to WordPress: my DIY experience.

Blogger to WordPress – Last month I finally moved my blog platform from Blogger to WordPress. If you blog or are interested in getting into blogging, you’ll probably find this a bit interesting; if not, you’ve probably slipped into a coma (or more likely, not even opened this post, so […]

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Anti-Social Media: Sharp Practice Online

Have you experienced the Twitter and Instagram follow-unfollow scam? Or the epidemic of fake followers? I've written about this in this post about anti-social media: follow-baiting, spam and bad behaviour online.

Anti-social media: sharp practice and bad behaviour online Although I’d rather refrain from self-reflexive writing, I thought I’d address something that’s become apparent to me in the last few weeks of navigating the internet. Recently I’ve been helping a few people, including my husband, to get accustomed to using Instagram and Twitter […]

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