How To Get A Domain Name & Website For Free

How to get a domain name and website for free: here are two deals that will let you set up a website with a custom domain for free!

How to get a domain name and your own website free for a year:

If you need a blog or website, but don’t want to spend too much (or anything at all), these are the deals for you.


There are often ways to get introductory offers on top level domains (TLDs) for your first year, and if you’re canny enough to shop around once the deal’s up, it can work out to be the cheapest way to get an online presence.

The deals:

You can get a .design TLD  for free for one year, and even better – that comes with a free website builder as well as a free SSL certificate!

You can also get a or .uk TLD free for one year. This also comes with a free website builder, but is limited to a single page.

Both of these offers are from trusted registrars that I’ve used myself – Porkbun and


What’s a .design domain all about?


A domain that ends in .design functions the same way as a domain that ends in .com or, for example.

Even though it may be ideal for designers, there are lots of things that you can use .design for.


Ideas for .design websites

Having a .design website free for a year is great for:

  • home boutiques
  • graphic designers
  • fashion designers
  • interior decorators
  • student portfolios
  • art schools
  • lifestyle bloggers
  • illustrators
  • artists


Extra features

It’s not just having the domain free for a year, though; the offer includes a free SSL certificate (so you’ll have a secure site with https) automatically with the website builder, which allows you to easily create a site and blog powered by Weebly in minutes.

This means that even if you feel daunted by WordPress or coding, you can still quickly create a professional web presence!

I moved this site from Blogger to WordPress and wouldn’t look back, but I know that it’s not an easy thing for everyone to tackle. There is a learning curve to be navigated, and if that extra investment of learning time isn’t something you can afford, then using the Weebly-powered website builder is a perfect option for you.


What happens after the free year ends?

You can either renew through Porkbun, transfer your hosting elsewhere, or simply let the domain expire if you no longer want to use it. A custom domain like a .com, or .design will always incur a cost for registering the domain and for hosting it; no matter which registrar you use, it’s vital to shop around for a good deal when it comes to renewal time.

For the first 12 months, however, you can’t go wrong with free! Click here to register your .design domain name.


Free websites

You can also register a or .uk website for free for one year through This is great for those who don’t feel as though .design is right for them. This offer provides a single static page for free with their Weebly website builder.

You’re far more open in terms of theme with a TLD, of course, so this might be just great for you if your site is UK based. Compare to see which registrar is right for you, and take advantage of a fantastic deal for the first year of your blog!


Any added extras?

Domain privacy for your domain is a cheap, optional extra that I definitely recommend – at 99p it is absolutely worth it. You don’t need to get it, but I’ve bought it for myself when taking advantage of this very same deal.


Over to you…

I hope you found something useful here that helps you to set up your new website for free! Share how you get on in the comments below.

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