Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

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A Star Wars bedroom makeover

Here are some pictures of our son’s Star Wars themed bedroom, which we finished to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Yes, I say finished, but it’s only really finished-ish… there are upcycling projects planned for his hand-me-down furniture and a few jobs to do, but the bulk of it got done in time for us to have a mega Star Wars dvd marathon and present day.

Yes, we went full geek!

Here are some ‘before’ pictures:

And boy, was that carpet minging.

Bad, bad memory – but if you want to see more before and after pictures from that house, check out our entire DIY home makeover.

Here are some after the Star Wars bedroom makeover:

Bed & Star Wars Stormtrooper bedding

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover - Star Wars bed

We kept the cabin bed that I’d bought second-hand from eBay about 6 years ago. New bedding had to do!

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover - bed and shelf with Kylo Ren mask, Stormtrooper poster and light sabers
My little Sith likes to keep his accessories handy.

I did want to replace his bed, but our budget is more make do and mend, so I mended. I bought this many years ago on eBay, second-hand, and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it since then; it’s useful, but it’s a pain to put together and it’s ridiculously heavy.

The bedding sets* were everywhere in 2016 – I think they still are.


Our idea was to make it look like a spaceship interior – but not too far, as it was meant to last through the teenage years.

The lampshade is from B&Q* and was only £14, and Little Balders chose it himself. Unfortunately it now has dings from a few furious lightsaber battles! Well, I guess it adds to the vibe.

Star Wars bedroom makeover - three overlapping black roller blinds at window and metal lampshade
We dressed the extra-wide window with 3 overlapping roller blinds and bought his spaceship-esque lightshade from B&Q.

Window blinds

I struggled to figure out how to make or buy blinds for this huge window without spending a fortune. We ended up using three smaller ones overlapped!

black roller blinds for boy's bedroom

Ceiling & walls

The ceiling was covered in woodchip paper (urgh) and we just couldn’t deal with that on our budget, as well as keep our sanity. I bought some green washi tape* to run all around the edge of the ceiling and walls for a luminous effect – it works really well to conceal the edges and give a lift of colour!

We didn’t go for expensive hanging options for the posters – they can be easily replaced when Little Balders gets tired of them.

lime green washi tape
Star Wars Bedroom Makeover - lime green wall sticker on a grey wall that says "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."
We did have the wall sticker* personalised with his name below.

Putting up this personalised wall sticker* was a pain (use a spirit level, folks) but so worth it!

Spaceship Tromp L’oeil Doors

We’d inherited a house full of downright horrid hollow doors. We thought that we’d save some money and keep the Star Wars theme going by adapting them to look like spaceship airlock doors. I used wallpaper to create a paintable surface and emulsion to paint them.

It’s been a nightmare trying to get a decent picture of the entire door! Our landing’s too small. But if you’ve got dodgy doors and can’t afford to splash out on new ones, why not try doing something weird with them?

Star Wars bedroom makeover - hollow core door painted to look like a spaceship airlock door
I worked hardest on turning his doors into spaceship airlock doors.
Star Wars Bedroom makeover - boy's hollow bedroom door painted like spaceship door
I gave this one a hole from a blaster shot!
Star Wars bedroom makeover - painting a hollow door to look like a spaceship door
The bedroom door in progress.
Star Wars bedroom makeover trompe l'oeil door
We’ll need to find more fitting handles!

In the end, it was the amount of thought that went into decorating the room that Little Balders appreciated most. We like to pile on to his bed to watch dvds – it’s the coolest room in the house, after all.

Crossed lightsabers as bedroom lighting.
Lightsabers for mood lighting!

Pin for later!

Hollow Core To Spaceship Door: A Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

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