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If you’ve got a family, you’re already rich. Despite being on low incomes, we’ve had the time of our lives together as a family – and it’s hardly cost a thing. Still, family life and relationships require constant work on everyone’s part.


Here are some of my posts about family life and relationships. If you’d like to read my posts about child maintenance, click here.


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Children & Money: here are five posts by UK money bloggers about the topic of kids & money, from childcare to savings and more.Training your child to save and spend wisely isn't always easy, but it's something good parents need to do. Read my tips on training your kids to save.This guest post looks at the financial steps your child can take from piggy bank to home ownership, explaining your child's finances along the way.How to teach your children to be frugal - practical tips for your family.Feeling confused by Junior ISAs? This guest post by The Money Whisperer explains what you need to know about tax-free savings accounts for kids.Our mothers teach us so much about life by their actions as well as their lessons. Here's what I learned from my mother (about money).Fathers and families: here's what I learned about money and life from my father's example.


Do you find yourself arguing with your partner about money? You're not alone. Here are five tips on how to stop those arguments and manage your money together.The true cost of love: why Valentine's Day is a con


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