DIY Home Makeover: Before And After Pictures

Here rare the before and after pictures of my DIY home makeover project! We've saved lots of money by doing our house renovation on our own - see what we've done!

My renovated home: before and after!

It’s been just over two years since we bought our first house together. It was a wreck!

It’s taken a lot of time and hard work to get us to the point where we can say that the house is finished. Of course, there are a few things that we could do, but for now we’re drawing a line under it and moving on. Now, I can share what we’ve done, room by room!

It would be a very long post if I shared all of my pictures for each finished room, so where I have a separate post for that room, I’ll link to it and you can see the whole thing.

Living room


Our living room before we renovated. Want to see it after? Click on the picture to read the post!

Our living room, before renovating it. Click on the picture to see what we did!

Stripping wallpaper in these rooms turned into a mammoth job of removing large chunks of wall! It was a huge relief to get this finished.


Our living room renovation: the "after" pictures!

Dining room


Our dining room, before we renovated it. Want to see what we did? Click on the picture to read the post!

We had to deal with a missing double-glazed window pane at the back of the house.


Our dining room renovation: the "after" pictures!

Ok, it’s only half of the room, but my other pictures weren’t good enough!



Our kitchen before renovations. You won't believe what it looks like now!

When we inherited the kitchen, it had no backsplash (that’s a plank resting behind the sink) and yet another missing pane of glass.


Our kitchen renovation: the "after" pictures!

Hall & stairs


Our staircase and hallway before renovating it - want to see what we did to improve it?


Click on the picture to see how I created our dark to light green gradated colour staircase.

So difficult, but so worth it!

You can read the whole story of the painted stairs here, and see the work in progress here.

Little Balders’ bedroom



This is after we redecorated Little Balders' bedroom! Click on the picture to read the full post with the 'before' shots as well.

Of course, I wrote a whole post on his Star Wars Bedroom makeover. It was the first room we finished!


Good grief. This was the biggest job. I couldn’t wait to start! It was absolutely back-breaking work when we got into it and I just couldn’t see the end sometimes. Now, I’m so glad we put the effort into creating something that is exactly what we wanted.


Our bathroom before renovating - you've got to see what we did to it!

I mean, can you believe I took this on? Read this post about how I cleaned that floor (on my own). Then you might want to post me a medal.

Our bathroom, before we gutted and renovated it. Want to see what it looks like now?

The sink was from the original 1950s bathroom suite. I actually cleaned the pipes up a bit with caustic soda but in the end, I am just not THAT into vintage.


My bathroom renovation - the "after" pictures!

Our bedroom


Our bedroom before renovating it. You won't believe what it looks like now!

Our bedroom before renovating it. Want to see what it looks like now?


Our bedroom renovation: the "after" pictures!

Our bedroom is definitely unique, and I love it – especially in the winter months when it feels like escaping into a cozy fairytale.

If you want to try a bold mural yourself – just go for it! It’s only paint, after all!

Well? Did you make it through all that?

It was pretty bad at the start, wasn’t it? Yes, we managed it, and it saved us a lot of money, but I’m not sure that I want to take on a project like that again.

Would you? Or have you? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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An extreme bedroom makeover, before and after!
My DIY bathroom extreme makeover.

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  1. Wow what a change and totally amazing!! Love how unique your house is and how you’ve made it your own. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMoney.

  2. The house is beautiful. Please could you let me know where you sourced the hooks for the guitars?
    Congratulations from Michele

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