Good Buys: The Perfect Ankle Boots

Finding the perfect ankle boots!

I’ve decided to start talking about my good and bad purchases. Money bloggers come in all varieties – for some, it’s all thrift and frugality, and for others it’s all coupons and bargains. Either “stop shopping” or “shop smarter” – with all sorts in between.

I’ve always come down on the side of saving rather than spending, and in my house we gravitate more towards frugality and delayed gratification – but that doesn’t mean we never go shopping. It just tends to be more careful with our money and spend more time shopping around.

So here’s the story of my boots!


The longest shoe hunt ever

I’m a very slow and reluctant shopper. Take, for example, the time I decided to buy a new pair of boots. I looked online, and after an eternity I found a pair by Rocket Dog that I liked the look of. I didn’t want to buy them without trying them on first though, so I looked in stores.

I drove my son and my husband crazy by going into every shop in the Trafford Centre and still not finding the same pair. I got so fed up with the entire experience that I just gave up (seriously, this is how much I hate shopping nowadays). I’m sure it took months to get to that point – probably down to feeling a bit guilty about buying things for myself.

The first pair of boots I bought from Wynsors - my brown Rocket Dog boots.

Eventually, I found them, totally by accident – we were going on a hike to Hardcastle Crags last year and needed to buy some waterproof boots for Lord Balders, so we went into every sports-type store in Burnley until we ended up in Wynsors. We didn’t find any hiking boots he liked, but both of us were amazed to find my Rocket Dog boots on sale! By then, my poor husband was desperate for me to buy them so we could get on with our lives.


No frills to be found

Let’s be fair – Wynsors doesn’t have the air of a real luxury footwear brand. With the black and orange branding it looks and feels like a bit of a discount secret (although they’ve got a ton of shops around the north so they’re not exactly hiding).

There are stores that give you a lift from their atmosphere, and there are stores that give you a lift from their bargains. I wasn’t buzzing on the atmosphere, but I was definitely happy to have found my boots at last, for a good price!

Both pairs of boots I bought from Wynsors. I'm very pleased with the quality of both pairs!
You can see that my cat likes them as well – he’s clawed them!

So after a year of wearing my boots absolutely everywhere, I thought it would be good to have a black pair. Something pretty much the same – jack-of-all-trades type boots to go with everything, almost anywhere – but better suited to slushy winter trips to the park.

This time I knew where to look first, and here’s the clincher – I logged into my Lloyds bank app, and I had a cashback offer of 5% back on a purchase from Wynsors if I used my Lloyds card! Winner! (Read my post about these kinds of cashback offers here)


My new boots facing the slushy mud on a wintry park outing.

I don’t need a lot of convincing when it comes to grabbing a bargain on things I actually need – I got these black ankle boots for £20, and by using my Lloyds card I got £1 back.

My new boots are perfect – I wear them to work (until I have to change into my steel toe caps) and everywhere else, and they’re as good with tights and a skirt as they are with jeans, which is a must for me as I don’t have time for shoes that don’t work hard enough!


I’m happy to trade the shopping experience for getting the right items at the right price. What do you think about my bargains?



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