Five Frugal Things We’ve Done This Fortnight 16/02/18

Five frugal things we've done for the weeks ending the 16th of February, 2018.

Five frugal things we’ve done this fortnight: Waiting on the slow, slow march of a house sale is definitely tiresome. We’re still surrounded by boxes and I’m feeling guilty about my half-hearted attempts to sell off stuff before the move, but there have been a few tip trips, so the decluttering has indeed commenced! Here’s what we’ve been doing to […]

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Should You Take Out A Loan For Your Dream Wedding?

Should you take out a loan for your dream wedding? A guest post by Savvy In Somerset.

I’m delighted to present a guest post by Fiona from Savvy In Somerset. Fiona’s written many helpful posts on weddings on her blog! If you got engaged recently, you may now have the daunting prospect of figuring out how to pay for your dream wedding. Here’s why I think a loan or credit card is the last thing you should […]

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My £10 Wedding Dress

My £10 wedding dress: how I bought my perfect gown for next to nothing.   Yes, you read that right: I bought my wedding dress for £10. I’m sure you’re thinking there’s a gimmick somewhere, and of course you’d be right! It involved: a. A bit of a second-hand shopping b. A bad fabric hoarding habit c. A lot of […]

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February’s Theme: Weddings

February’s Theme: Weddings What’s coming up this month? I’ll be featuring, besides my regular posts, a series of articles focused on weddings. If you’ve got a thrifty wedding tale that you’d like to add to my budget wedding inspiration discussion, get in touch at   My £10 Wedding Dress Should You Take Out A Loan For Your Dream Wedding?

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