How To Make Cardboard Box Shelves

Cardboard box shelves are a great DIY alternative when you need some cheap storage in your home!

How to make cardboard box shelves Making cardboard box shelves is not only a great way to recycle, but it’s cheap and easy! How I made cardboard box shelves for my art studio I needed some shelves for my studio, but couldn’t justify the cost of buying them new, and couldn’t find any second-hand that were big enough. I bought […]

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How To Train Your Child To Save And Spend Wisely

Training your child to save and spend wisely isn't always easy, but it's something good parents need to do. Read my tips on training your kids to save.

How to train your child to save and spend wisely: It’s our responsibility to get our children off to the best start possible when it comes to their management of money, but it’s not always easy. How can you teach a child who is reluctant to learn about money how to save and spend wisely, without making it feel like […]

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My Five Cats

How many cats is too many? My five cats have brought me a lot of happiness, but I can't keep them.

How many cats is too many? For a brief period of time, we’ve had five cats in our family. How did this happen to us? Not that long ago we didn’t even have a cat.     Vader Vader came into our lives and took over, and told us to be grateful for the privilege. He had snuck into our […]

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Free Stuff For New TopCashback Members

The latest TopCashback freebies and discounts after cashback for new members.

TopCashback freebies – There are always lots of great deals for freebies from TopCashback to entice new members to join up. And guess what – it’s a win-win situation, because TopCashback is one of the best tools in the savvy money saver’s toolkit! TopCashback freebies are, sadly, for new members only. Of course, it’s a wee bit annoying that these […]

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Extra Income Report – August 2017

Our extra income report for August 2017. Read on for what we've done to generate extra income outside of our jobs.

Extra income report – August 2017. August has roared by and brought some amazing developments. Our two years of DIY is mostly up, and our house is on the market. We’ve been spending our time wondering where to move to and working out how to make the most cost-effective choices for our situation: after all, buying a house is a […]

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My Month In Pictures – August 2017

My month in pictures - August 2017. Here's a look at my favourite Instagram shots in August!

My month in pictures – August 2017. I’ve not been as dedicated with Instagram in August… a lot of my time feels squeezed these days and I guess social media feels like the first thing to feel the pinch. I love kitten spamming though! Here are my favourite Instagram posts for August.   3 week old kitties How on earth […]

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