My Month In Pictures – August 2017

My month in pictures - August 2017. Here's a look at my favourite Instagram shots in August!

My month in pictures – August 2017.

I’ve not been as dedicated with Instagram in August… a lot of my time feels squeezed these days and I guess social media feels like the first thing to feel the pinch. I love kitten spamming though! Here are my favourite Instagram posts for August.


3 week old kitties

I just love these little furballs! This was the point when they’d not long opened their eyes and started exploring. They’ve changed so much since then!


Kayaking in the park


Getting out on the water amidst the ducks and geese for a change! It’s been a shabby August to be honest, but we were fortunate to have a day that was sunny enough to do a bit of paddling. A perfect day by my reckoning 🙂


Another day, another park


Towneley Hall in Burnley this time, quite possibly our favourite place in the world when the sun shines! Burnley’s parks are amazing, and we had our wedding reception at Towneley Hall so you’ll see it reappear lots in my pictures as we like to go back often.


A weekend in Liverpool

It was so good to have a bit of sunshine when we went to Liverpool over the weekend – sharing the trip there and back was one of our five frugal things for last week! I still have so many museums left to visit there though, so I hope it doesn’t take too long to get back and get around to them.

What’s coming up?

September – I haven’t got a clue! I think that happiness happens when you stop trying to predict things, so let’s just say I’m going to wait and see… hopefully good news on the house sale!

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