October’s Theme: Smarter Spending

October's Theme: Smarter Spending

October’s theme: smarter spending

This month, we’ll be looking at the subject of shopping and spending, which is something that perhaps gets brushed into the corner on this blog when the main focus is on frugality.

Being frugal doesn’t mean being stingy, and there are many hacks and tricks that we’ve deployed over the past few years to be able to treat ourselves and others without overspending. We’ll be gathering up some of our favourite methods for getting those bargains so you can embark on that spending spree with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve bagged a deal!

Gift guides are a new addition that we’re working on as well, so look out for those.

Start here to browse all our posts on this subject throughout the month and feel free to suggest some spending tips of your own.

Before the new posts arrive, here are some of our current favourite tips and hacks:

How To Shop Online

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What Is Cashback?

October: Smarter Spending

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