Our Grocery Spending – May 2019

Our grocery spending May 2019

At the end of May and the beginning of this month we were all swept up in the fun of my Mum’s visit, but there’s one thing in particular that always takes centre stage: food.

One unexpected knock-on effect from my mother’s recent visit was having to alter my diet yet again. This probably sounds strange, but here’s what’s happened:

My mum’s vegan, and always comes with a special list of veg and other ingredients that she requires. I go along with it and eat what she does, but the guys stick to their script.

This time, however, I ended up getting terrible cramps after one big, delicious meal, and my generally unhappy tummy became really, really angry. I had to re-evaluate what I was doing and cut out different foods to see what was the root cause – so now I’m trying to eliminate FODMAPS.

I’m getting more than a bit sick of the food rollercoaster now, but there are obviously some things that don’t agree with me… and I’m gonna find them!

So anyway, brace yourself for what all the food cost:

How much we spent on food in May:

Food & drink: £366.55.

That’s an extra £63.74 from the previous month. Woah…

How much we spent on everything else at the supermarket in May:

Household & miscellaneous: £26.35 – quite a jump, and to be honest I can’t quite remember what would have caused that… but when my mother visits we tend to remember all of the little things we need to replace!

Cat food & cat litter: £40.77 – a bit of a reduction from last month.

Health items: £0. Another month where we all managed to stay in one piece – or at least use up things we’d bought before to patch us back up!

Grocery cashback received: £0

The good news is that thanks to my new phone (click here for the boring backstory) I can start using my grocery cashback apps, and I’ve already started building up cashback and getting paid out. That’s one to come back for in June’s update though.

Total spend: £433.67

Our grocery spending – May 2019 results and goals

Well, there’s no surprises here – we knew that May would be a big one. Between my diet woes and Mum’s extra ingredients, we were always going to have to spend more. C’est la vie, you have to get on with it.

Goals for June:

My goals for May? Well, forget about it, because my mother’s visiting and she’s on a particular plant-based diet that has called for buying in a whole fridge-full of new ingredients. But I don’t care folks, she’s worth it.

My “goal” for May

That’s right, there was no goal for May.

As for my goals for June, I’m trying to work out the most affordable way to set up an exclusion diet for me and keep my guys happy at the same time.

“Free-from” foods are so much more expensive than average fare, so I don’t even go down that aisle… but you can’t avoid the extra costs of items like lactose-free milk or milk alternatives. So let’s see how well I can do with bringing the costs down..

Come back to see what damage we’ve done with June’s spending!

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Our grocery spending May 2019

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