The Sad Case of Doig and Doige

Hoping to strike gold by stumbling across a masterpiece in the attic or at next Sunday’s car boot fair? You wouldn’t be alone. It’s a natural consequence of the stratospheric prices attached to works of art that buyers, collectors and viewers might as well be looking at a framed wad of cash instead of a painting. Found a lost Manet? Cash […]

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Make More Money! Part 4: Selling Unwanted Items

How can you make extra money by selling your unwanted items? Click on the picture to read my review of four different online selling platforms!

When I wrote my list of things to try to make more money, I knew that this would be one of the hardest for me. Why? Honestly, I don’t really know; I’ve furnished my entire life through eBay for the last two decades, and I know my way around it. Selling on things you already own and don’t need is […]

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Make More Money! Part 3: Bank Incentives

There's money to be made from banks' switching incentives - click on the picture to read how we made hundreds from switching bank accounts!

Bank Incentives Hopping around from bank to bank for cash may be some people’s idea of a headache, but it’s my idea of fun! I love scooping up bank incentives for switching accounts – it’s a bit of a challenge sometimes to keep up with all of the requirements for each account’s terms and conditions, but I see it as […]

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Make More Money! Part 2: Selling Your Artwork

Make Money by Selling Your Artwork - Homely Economics

Number 2 on my potential income list could be the longest post ever! This topic is huge and compressing into one post won’t truly do it justice, as there are so many ways to make a living (or even just a bit of extra money) from art. I’ll be trying lots of new things in the future, so I’ll be updating this post […]

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Make More Money! Part 1: Blogging

Blogging Checklist for making more money by blogging - Homely Economics

Number one on my list of potential extra income sources was blogging/web revenue. The first website I ever owned was an online shop set up in 2006 for the craft items I made and sold, and I fumbled along with it for years, never making any money from it apart from a few sales. I read about how important it was […]

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Make More Money! How?

How are we going to make a bit more money online? There are lots of ways to make some extra income, but not all of them work for us. Click on the picture to read what we're going to do to make a bit more money.

Two things happened this week that made me write this post. First, in a comment on a photo, an Instagram follower asked me how to make an extra income. I realised that I didn’t have a single, simple post to direct him to! Bummer. Next, Lord Balders and I went to Little Balders’ secondary school intake evening. It suddenly hit me – […]

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Back To The Banks

I knew I was coming down with something… well, it hammered down on me overnight. I felt unwell yesterday, but today wins the pity prize. Too bad for me, I bunked off so much that the house has fallen to rack and ruin (love saying that, don’t really love seeing it). I hate cleaning on the best of days, far […]

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Fidor – The Facebook Bank

I might be a bit late with this one, but I wanted to be a bit cautious and dip my toe in the water before crowing too loudly about it. A few months ago, I heard about Germany’s Fidor Bank, and its premise – online banking, social media-style – grabbed my attention straight away. It launched in the UK on Friday, and being interested […]

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