Should You Take Out A Loan For Your Dream Wedding?

Should you take out a loan for your dream wedding? A guest post by Savvy In Somerset.

I’m delighted to present a guest post by Fiona from Savvy In Somerset. Fiona’s written many helpful posts on weddings on her blog! If you got engaged recently, you may now have the daunting prospect of figuring out how to pay for your dream wedding. Here’s why I think a loan or credit card is the last thing you should […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Judge Someone In Debt

Judging other people's financial situation may be a natural reaction, but it isn't wise or helpful - here's why.

Don’t rush to judge a person in debt. Debt can be a crushing weight on a person’s mind and heart, and it doesn’t help to form preconceptions about why someone has ended up in debt. Many personal finance writers (like myself) spend so much time going on about budgeting and frugality that it can seem as though we assume that […]

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Should You Ever Take On Debt For Love?

Should you ever take on debt for love? Combining love and money often causes problems, so what should you do if your partner asks you to clear their debt?

Should you ever take on debt for love? Taking on another person’s debt might seem like the loving thing to do, but it’s rarely straightforward. In practice it can be fraught with a multitude of problems, and could be the cause of problems in an otherwise happy relationship. Still, when the heart’s involved, thinking solely about financial consequences can feel […]

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Perspectives On Debt By British Bloggers

Perspectives on debt to inspire and inform you - written by UK money bloggers

Perspectives on debt – articles by UK bloggers to inspire and inform you. If you’re facing debts, hoping to find help for someone else, or are simply looking for information to make sure you don’t fall into debt, the internet is going to provide you with more than you can handle. However, you’ll probably be looking for some advice and […]

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What Is Debt Management?

What is debt management? This guest post by Sara from Debt Camel looks at what debt management is and who it's for.

What is debt management? I’m delighted to present a guest post by Sara from Debt Camel. Sara’s site is a fantastic resource for further information about all things debt-related. Debt management is an option for sorting out your debts where your creditors are asked to stop adding interest and charges so all your payments each month go to clearing the […]

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