My Month In Pictures – September 2017

My month in pictures September 2017

My month in pictures – September 2017

September saw me post fewer pictures to Instagram than before – extra work has been piling up around me and there are so many extra things to deal with now that we’re selling our house.

Still, there have been a few photos that have been special to me.

My Bear

I just loved this picture of Bear. He was so entertaining with his cheeky personality and handsome little face!

My cat family

Five cats was pretty unmanageable after a while, but we were so tempted to keep them all, especially after seeing them all cuddling together like this!

Autumn colours at lunchtime

Having a packed lunch in the park is a fairly frugal option for lunchtimes, but I don’t always include it in my five frugal things posts. Being able to pop out to such a beautiful park for an hour in the middle of the day is a real blessing though, and I don’t take it for granted.

Seasons changing

I’m not a fan of cold weather whatsoever. I know that lots of people welcome the falling leaves, but all I can think of is winter being not far behind!

The rowan I planted in my front garden has reminded me that it’s officially autumn: no point in denial anymore.

Over to you…

How has September been for you?

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